An unpredictable journey comprising of euphoria and heartbreaks.

Just when I close my eyes, I think about the fights that we always had, which somehow, ended up bringing us closer instead of drifting us apart. I still remember you holding my hand, with an enthralling smile on your face and promising me for the umpteenth time to stay by my side.

Our love is a like an ocean fragmented into a series of lakes that always kept us together through thick and thin.

The roses that you gave me, now remind me of our endless conversations which ranged from your love for sketching to how this world seems a better place when you’re with me.

I wish our journey was unending, so that we could have created a million memories more, be it good or bad, silly or amusing, or the ones that pleased the senses of our minds.

Sitting back and thinking about how we ended up together despite being so different from each other really gives me goosebumps.

Now, all I want is to treasure every single moment that I spent with you, forgive you for all the mistakes that you made, look for an answer to your every problem, understand what you’re trying to say without even saying a word, try to perceive the sadness that you dissemble with a cheerful laughter and above all, love you in ways that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Image Courtesy – Designed by Mrsiraphol / Freepik


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