Love – A complex but beautiful feeling.

I’ve wondered all these years,
What’s worse, getting separated or the fact that I never cared?
With an eye full of tears,
I tried my best not to get scared.

As the clock kept ticking,
And time went passing by,
I wondered what I was missing,
While I constantly gazed at the sky.

The promises that we once made, seemed quite trivial,
My life, slowly and steadily, was becoming a lot more menial.

My heart now, was filled with thorns of guilt,
Our bond was shattered, that we once built.
My affection for you was intense but vulnerable,
But that didn’t stop me from feeling miserable.

A cluster of questions echoed in my mind,
While the shiny stars in the sky aligned,
I wasn’t quite ready to leave you behind,
And that’s when I realised that love, indeed, is blind.


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