Life – One hell of a ride.

The journey of life could be ‘one hell of a ride’. On our best days, it could be fascinating like being on top of the world, and on our worst days, it could be appalling like being down in the dumps.

We could be sitting comfortably in our rooms, sipping a cup of coffee, cherishing all the good moments of our lives, feeling content with what we have, and that’s when the negativity, slowly, starts creeping inside our mind.

We refuse to acknowledge it until it gets too good to ignore and outgrows the positive thoughts in our mind.

And then, our mind is befuddled.

Our brain starts lying to us. It wants us to believe that the world we live in, is indeed, a bad place. All of a sudden, we start developing immense hatred for the things that caused us pain, we start regretting all the bad decisions that we made in the past and we also start cursing ourselves.

But that isn’t the solution for solving all our problems, issues or worries.

While complaining about something could make us feel better in some cases, we don’t realise that we are simply engulfing ourselves in those problems more and more.

Earl Nightingale once famously said, “We become what we think about.”

The more we consume negativity, the more this world will seem harrowing to us. And the more we try to remain calm, the more joyous this world would look like.

We always look for answers as to why we are stressed, but not even for once we realise that all it takes to overcome negativity is just a mind with an abundance of good thoughts, a significant amount of love, a great deal of kindness and a whole heap of happiness.


  1. Very true Arham! Too often our thoughts seek negativity, even when positive things are happening in our lives. This perhaps human nature, but can be overridden with will and practice. Perhaps not our thoughts themselves, but certainly the negative emotions that they all too often give life.

    Our emotions hold enormous power over us. So much so, that the world we live in today is not shaped by reason, but by emotion. Both good and bad. Negatively so, by greed, by power, by pride, hatred and self-importance.

    For a better you, for a better world, we must strive to substitute reason in its place. Reason, and positive emotions, like empathy, humanitarianism, equality and forgiveness. Perhaps with practice, we will then be able to pause first and disregard those invasive negative thoughts that unwittingly pop in and out of our human minds. — Nice Post Arham, well enjoyed!

    “If you aren’t the one who is controlling your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions then you are the one who is being controlled.” ― Clyde Lee Dennis

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