Serenity and Agony

On a gloomy day, I was stuck between my serenity and agony. The things that once pleased me, were obnoxious now and the very thought of reliving some beautiful moments haunted me all of a sudden.

My heart now, was a plethora of melancholy and my mind was desolating to the point of no return.
Ruminations, which were sporadic earlier, became a daily part of my life.

With each passing minute, I was silently questioning all the decisions of my life that led me to this moment.

Questioning, with a sense of guilt.

This ‘unusual’ anxiety struck my mind like lightning. My body was numb, my usually bright eyes, now resembled a deep hole of my life, a hole filled with sorrow.

The ubiquitous damage of my mind influenced me badly. The wounds were still ample, the pain seemed too real, life was turning into a disaster, normalcy seemed too far to reach but the sense of defeat was somehow still inchoate.

Image courtesy – Background photo created by tirachard –

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